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Mais is a certified Trainer, Teacher and Practitioner in Neuro-linguistique Programming (NLP), Life Coach and Hypnotist, She holds a Masters’ Degree in Language Sciences/Teaching French as a Foreign Language, from the University of Toulouse II in France. She is a very passionate and experienced teacher who believes in the importance and power of education.

Her experience as a teacher, trainer and a coach in multicultural environments and to different ages, and her ability to speak four languages enabled her to obtain a unique talent in building a quick and solid rapport with her students and clients which helps in creating an interesting learning atmosphere and in achieving the intended aims.

From a very challenging life, her eagerness to get up and survive was born. Seeking knowledge and getting more educated, she acquired the needed power that helped her in rising and changing her life.

Today Mais believes that this education and knowledge should be reachable to everyone. For her it’s not a Career, it is a mission for why she is here.


 ” Education is the light that will lead humankind to freedom, to happiness and to success “

Mais believes that her mission is to support and guide her clients to overcome their challenges, and all what irritates them from living a peaceful life, to be able fix their relationships and start new ones, to increase their self-confidence, to be the source of their own happiness, to create and set new goals and strategies that empower them to live a joyful, meaningful and purposeful life.

Message From The Coach

” I’m neither a magician nor a dreamer, I’m both of them, living in

reality .The reality that you & I create”

I used to believe that NLP trainers and life coaches are a group of people repeating nice words and positive proverbs that make us feel good temporarily, or that they are just fooling us with the beauty of their points of view of life, but in reality they are acting positively to hide a miserable life.

Yet I thought: what about giving them a chance? & there I discovered that I never understood any of their words because I’m only seeing in front of me what is happening deep inside of me, and that is my own resistance to absorb new ideas, my resistance to accept that there are other possibilities, my resistance to CHANGE.

It is a limit that you & I create for ourselves, without knowing what we did, & we become stuck there!!

The moment we think we are disappointed, hopeless and helpless, is the moment we should stop looking around and start observing what is going on deep inside. And guess what?

IT’s a thought…

We should Be Aware of our thoughts: What we are thinking is what we will see around; It’s our present life, present status and emotions.

I used to say as a lot of us do: but “It just happened to me”..

Well.. when we discover our inner power and how our brains work, when we are aware of our thinking, we will be able to distinguish between what really just happened to us “like Death, disasters ,etc” , and what we attracted by our own thinking.

Regardless of the reason, how to respond is always our CHOICE.”


Create The Life You Want To Live Yourself !

Live a joyful, meaningful and purposeful life

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