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Foreign Language Difficulties

Learning a foreign language is a process where the brain starts inserting the sounds, phonemes and vocabulary of a new language through the filters of the system of your own mother language.

They are not welcomed until they are defined by their similarities in your mother language system. If there are no similarities they need some practice until you succeed in making them part of the system.

It is a process where you start facing difficulties, you might think it’s too hard, or words are stuck into your gorge when you want to speak, or you are trying so hard to pronounce that sound but it’s not working.

This will make you feel uncomfortable, stressed, you don’t want to participate during your learning classes because you are afraid of embarrassment, shyness and you don’t want to make mistakes. Sometimes you decide to quit though you still have the desire.

Here you will get all the knowledge you need to control your negative feelings, and to be able to acquire the language you want with less effort.

We will support you in :

  • Understanding your NLP while learning a foreign language
  • Discovering the learning process and what happens into your brain.
  • Understanding the mistakes you are making.
  • Getting the correct techniques of learning a foreign language
  • Correcting your pronunciation mistakes.
  • Overcoming the fear of failure and embarrassment.
  • Overcoming your negative feelings while speaking the language with native speakers.

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