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Mais is a certified Practitioner in Neuro-linguistique Programming (NLP), Hypnotist and Life Coach

Life Coaching

The purpose of life coaching is to live a life with purpose. It is a powerful process that allows you to know your real potentials, to overcome your challenges, negative emotions, and past experiences and to set new goals.

Life Coaching allows you to learn a lot of techniques that lead you to find your inner peace and to transform yourself into a more confident person, in control of your thoughts, feelings, and decisions, in control of your OWN LIFE.


NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistique Programming, it is our internal unique system that we all use to make sense of the world, it is the way we have been programmed to run over the years.

The system is different from one to another, based on our own experiences, environment, knowledge,believes, etc.

Understanding how this system affects our state, physiology, and internal representation of the world, will allow us to understand why we respond to life circumstances in certain ways, and why we make a certain kind of decisions and choices.

Understanding how this system works will allow us to insert changes in order to transform our behaviours, to control our thoughts, to overcome our negative feelings, and yet to improve the quality of our life.

Happiness & Inner Peace

No matter what are our goals in life, we all seek HAPPINESS & INNER PEACE, don’t we?

Have you ever thought that you will be so happy if you got that certain job? Or this amount of money? Or if you passed an exam? Or maybe if you got married? Or if only that certain person you love called you today. Different scenarios, for the same conclusion: I WANT to be HAPPY.

But why that happiness doesn’t last? Don’t you want to find a long lasting Happiness?

Getting closer to your true self and understanding who you are is number one ingredient to being happy and enjoying your inner peace.

Here we will guide you to meet your true self, and to create and maintain a long lasting kind of happiness & inner peace without depending on someone or something.



Nader Shakhshir , Computer Engineering Student
Princesse Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) Jordan

I've never thought learning french at Institut Francais would add any other skill into my life other than the french language, until i started learning there, my first course was with Madame Mais MALKAWI,

Leanne K
Dozan wa Awtar

Mais was the instructor for the very first French course I took at the Institut Francais in Amman. She is a fantastic teacher but what I remember best about that course is how comfortable she made her students feel.

Ahmad Abdeen , Senior Consultant
Ernst and Young (EY)

Mais is a fantastic teacher, and I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to be one of her students. She truly loves what she does and is committed to help her students grow on every call.

Mais Nahar

I was one of Mais Malkawi students between the years 2010-2013. Mais wasn't only a French language teacher, she was an inspiration and a motivation for me to be a better person, Mais and I became friends somehow.

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