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Nader Shakhshir , Computer Engineering Student 2016-10-03T11:02:02+00:00
I've never thought learning french at Institut Francais would add any other skill into my life other than the french language, until i started learning there, my first course was with Madame Mais MALKAWI,

Who was a very kind, helpful and professional teacher, she started with us from the basics of the language, and indeed she made us interested in the language,she has given us her best, making us fall in love with it effortlessly. On the other hand, her kindness and help motivated us so much to proceed in life, she has believed in every student’s dream, encouraged him to pursue it and achieve it, and indeed her motivation was effective on almost all of us, we have started reaching our goals, setting new ones and also reaching them, all of that because we’ve always needed such motivation and support, and she didn’t hesitate to give us what we’ve always seeked, at all.